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Why Longmont?

Proper-Tea Time Episode 1

When I recently had a major, unexpected life change, I was faced with the opportunity to move to any city in the country and do anything I wanted to do; but I chose to stay in Longmont and stay a Realtor!

So, why Longmont?

Variety & Affordability

Longmont, Colorado Real Estate has everything from small farms to urban lofts, historic homes to high efficiency new builds, and we still have the most affordable average home price in all of Northern Colorado. While prices have been skyrocketing for several years in Boulder, Gunbarrel and Louisville, Longmont has been able to maintain low costs and high appreciation due to our proximity to Denver, our recent, efficient expansions and our downtown developments. We can’t expand outward much more, but we are sprucing up what we have by utilizing unique properties and initiating innovative design.

Maybe in the "new normal” you have the luxury of relocating away from a job site or corporate office. Maybe doing so will help you pay less for more house! Are you trying to get out of Boulder’s market? Or perhaps you’re getting out of Denver’s rat race? Perhaps it’s time to down- or upsize. The sheer variety and affordability of the Longmont market could be perfect for you.

Quaintness & Proximity

Longmont, Colorado has been named an All-America City by the National Civic League twice due, in part, to our authenticity and preservation of the original settlement. Longmont is rife with small, locally owned businesses. We are a standalone city of around 100k residents, giving a sense of independence while still in close proximity to neighboring towns and metro centers.

Our ever-improving downtown is a major draw and it demonstrates our commitment to becoming a vibrant and dynamic community. Main Street, the heart of our downtown, is sprinkled with gorgeous, historic buildings. In fact, Longmont is a Certified Local Historic District. Lining the thoroughfare are old, brick facades, some of which have been standing since the original Chicago-Colorado Colony settled in the late 19th century. There is a well-preserved small-town charm that’s palpable when strolling along the sidewalks of our welcoming and inclusive community. The draw of Longmont is even stronger when you consider this quaint, yet lively, town’s proximity to a variety of other cities and terrains. Longmont is centrally located between Boulder, Denver and the Front Range. It is a short jaunt to get a complete change of scenery, while still maintaining its autonomy and individuality.


Longmont has seen an influx of residents and businesses over the last 5-10 years. The spirit of community seems to be the culprit. Entrepreneurship in Longmont is alive and well and comes in all shapes and sizes. Our flavor is a combination of mom and pop shops, relocated businesses, tech start-ups, expansions from neighboring towns and new business ventures whose owners take advantage of the variety of attractive commercial spaces we can provide. The diversity and support from the community encourages the success of every member, culminating in the success of the city as a whole.

Craft Drink & Food, Arts & Entertainment

Owning Longmont Real Estate also allows you to take advantage of the booming food and craft beverage industry in Longmont. In the downtown area alone, there are several breweries, three distilleries and a cidery. The variety of cuisine can also compete, impressively, with our neighboring “old towns”. Some of our restaurants have even been featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and the Travel Channel.

The Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade has named Longmont a Certified Colorado Creative District because we meet their standard of financial contribution to our state’s economy through cultural and arts events and initiatives. In turn, we “increase jobs, incomes, and investments in creative places'' and endeavors. This nurturing spirit has created a town brimming with arts & entertainment for all ages for many years. On Main Street alone, you can find live theatre at The Longmont Theatre & Trojan Movie House and Jesters Dinner Theatre.

There are also galleries galore and an annual ArtWalk hosted by the Firehouse Art Center. Longmont’s live music scene is estimable and this small town is chock full of local musical talent (yours truly included!). Whether you’re looking to step out for an open mic or a festival line up, in Longmont, you can find some excellent talent playing almost any night of the week.

With great food, drink, theatre, art, music and an exciting craft cocktail scene, Longmont really has something to entertain everyone: singles, seniors and families alike. The best part? So much of it is easily walkable! Perhaps you’re not sure what you feel like doing tonight—take a walk downtown and see what’s happening because there is surely some fun to get into!

School System

The school system alone is a huge attraction for new residents. St. Vrain Valley School District offers open enrollment. Parents and students have the chance to choose the school that is best for them logistically, financially and preferentially, even if it is outside their attendance area. Additionally, there are a variety of academic focus programs available throughout the district including Pre-Collegiate Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), leadership, Core Knowledge, arts & language and experiential learning at The Innovation Center.

Public Amenities

Have we mentioned the vibrant community yet? Again, our access to gorgeous recreational facilities is a huge draw. Longmont leaders have been improving and developing public amenities for decades. As a result, we boast top-of-the-line community conveniences from our Longmont Public Library to the The Longmont Museum & Cultural Center. There are three, year-round, indoor recreation facilities offering everything from babysitting and classes to workout rooms and swimming for adults, children and seniors. Outside of the catalog full of services provided by the rec centers, active 55+ adults have their own Longmont Senior Center that provides clubs and activities involving the arts, sports, fitness, technology, etc.

And it’s darn beautiful!

From just about any point in Longmont, there are breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains. Our parks, trails and open space give residents a reason to get outside and hike, bike, stroll, sail, paddleboard and fish. Parks and trails are well-maintained and active community meeting spots. Enjoy the stunning views from McIntosh Lake and Union Reservoir while you cool off on a hot summer (or fall!) day. Nature has a way of forcing us to take a deep breath and be present. Buying Longmont, Colorado Real Estate ensures that you’ll get the benefits of deep breathing every time you step outside your front door.

Having a tenacious Longmont Real Estate agent in your corner!

I’m an experienced, licensed Longmont Realtor who will advocate for your best interests and help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Why not make 2021 the year that you get into your Longmont, Colorado home? If you are looking for Longmont houses for sale, call or email me today and let my tenacity move you!

Owning Longmont Real Estate allows you to take advantage of a quaint and inclusive community, a great school system and gorgeous open spaces; plus, we Longmonsters can easily escape to the mountains or metro centers. The lively character of our downtown, our safe neighborhoods and our spectacular views make Longmont the place to be to meet all of your needs.

Want more?

For more on Longmont Real Estate, check out my new show with Longmont Public Media, Proper-Tea Time, and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more fun glimpses into the biz! While you’re here, check out our blogs/episodes Perks of Homeownership and Pros of Buying a New Build Home.

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