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Hacks are for Hacks!

I recently got a text from someone who knows about my Real Estate investing success asking for my best investing “hack,” and it got me thinking. As we race toward the inevitable end-of-year time crunch, I admit even I seek simple and efficient timesavers. However, when I think about “hacks” I think about shortcuts—and shortcuts aren’t solutions.

Are you going to hinge a home buying decision (to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars with other people’s resources on the line) on my texted one-liner? My tricks and tips won’t fix and flip, pal! If there was a quick cheat for building lasting wealth, everyone would be rich!

It is possible to flip a house and make $50k, it is possible to build generational wealth; but these achievements require learned skills, which require work, focus and time. I, for one, want the knowledge. I want the reps that build the skill.

Don’t get me wrong, solving a common problem efficiently can be a blessing! But there is no magic pill for grit, longevity, wealth and success. These are reserved for those willing to put in the work, focus and time. Whether you want to build equity, flip a house, pay less in taxes, make a step-up purchase, start a business, generate passive income, pay down amortized debt or invest for high returns, it’s going to take work, focus and time. Unskilled is unskilled!

As we embark on the season of chaos and set new intentions for the future, let’s remember to develop skills the old-fashioned way. I do have tips, epic solutions, good content and resources galore to support you in achieving your goals, but you’ve got to be willing to stay focused on the long game and learn. If you’re looking for the “hack” first, you might be heading down the path to becoming one.

If you are ready to learn about investing in Longmont, CO Real Estate, contact me, Sarah Morrow. I have the resources and the drive to share. Let my tenacity move you!

And for more on homes for sale in Longmont, CO, and the surrounding areas, subscribe to my YouTube channel where you can watch the latest episodes of Proper-Tea Time, my show interviewing experts on all things Longmont, CO Real Estate, or read my blogs We’re Not in a Bubble and Pros of Buying a New Build Home.

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