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Water Rights and Real Estate in Northern Colorado

Everything seems to be about water for me lately! Gardening, mowing, record rainfall, building a PVC pipe backbone at my property and of course, Spring!

Unlike the coast of Maine, where I hail from, the water situation in Northern Colorado is big business and it’s becoming more of a hot topic. Water shares here are very valuable, but keep in mind that rights to water don’t always transfer with property.

If you’re looking at a property where water rights are “included,” make sure you understand the transfer details because these rights are often misrepresented in listings and they're recorded separately from the deed that transfers the land and home itself. And in the case that the water runs underground, the rights to that water behave more like shares of stock than a useful commodity.

Another tip: Very few of us Realtors understand the ins and outs of water ownership transfer, but some of us do have experience. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m experienced with transferring ditch rights and water shares, and I serve as Director for the Pennock Lateral Ditch Company here in Longmont. (I’m an aspiring ditch bitch).

I’m also in the process of improving the irrigation system on my own property to maximize the use of ditch water at home. I figure those of us with the privilege should take advantage of what’s flowing down from the mountains and offset our city water costs in the process.

Reach out with questions about water; it’s a fun niche of the business and what better time to learn about Northern Colorado’s most valuable resource than Spring?

Let my tenacity move you!

In fact, reach out with questions about anything to do with homes for sale in Longmont, CO! As your devoted Longmont Realtor, I’ve either got the answers or I know where to find them.

And check out my YouTube channel for episodes of Proper-Tea Time, a show on all things Longmont Real Estate! While you’re here, take a gander at my blogs Water Shares & Ditch Rights and Your Home’s Value.

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