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Have you ever been unstoppable? Have you ever had to overcome multiple stumbling blocks just to achieve what seemed, in the beginning, to be a pretty modest goal? Let’s talk about quitting, or rather, not quitting.

Yesterday was consecutive day six of mowing my acre-plus pasture. During a gorgeous sunset, I finally finished the job. “Mow pasture” was on my to-do list all month and I didn’t expect it to take twelve-plus hours, but the battery needed a jump, the gas needed to be swapped out and the fuel, oil and air filters were disgusting. I got it humming, but halfway through the two-foot-tall grass battle, the blades needed sharpening and the battery needed replacing. These last two tasks required tools that I didn’t have and it was 101 degrees outside. I wanted to give up. I mean, half-mowed beats not-mowed, right?

An hour after bailing, with a sunburn and nostrils full of clippings, I returned to the owner’s manual and went back to the field to finish what I’d started.

This time the battery jump caused a fire inside my mower melting two components. I was by myself over an acre from anybody. I was sprayed with sparks and scared, but I got through it. And I got right back in the saddle.

Of course, then a stripped bearing resulted in a tire wobble that put me in a ditch underneath the mower; and while I was there, I realized the tires weren’t even close to the required PSI. Needless to say, when I finished the job I stepped back and said, “Wow! I did it! I did that.”

How does this translate to Longmont, CO Real Estate?

Well, let’s take a look at today’s home buying process, particularly for first time homebuyers.

I had never tuned up a 2013 Craftsman Snapper NXT. I was as well-versed in that as a buyer is in starting down the ownership path for the very first time. Even some of my buyers who have purchased homes before are met, in this current climate, with appraisal gap coverage requirements, waived inspection proposals, inventory challenges, unreasonable sellers and stiff competition.

These are sparks, and they’re scary, and they burn out even savvy buyers. So, of course, many rookies are tapping out; but waiting is quitting, and it’s only going to leave you in the weeds. The grass will keep growing, overtaking your quest for equity, and that grass is no greener on the “other side” of what we’re in.

The time to own and start building equity is now. One obstacle at a time, you CAN qualify, we CAN find what you’ve been wanting and you CAN start benefiting from your hard work. You will look back and say, “I did it! I did that.”

Let my tenacity move you!

If buying or selling homes in Longmont, CO is on your to-do list or if you just need some tuneup tips, give this trusted Longmont Realtor a shout.

And be sure to watch episodes of Proper-Tea Time, like Episode 4: Commercial & Small Business Lending, on my YouTube Channel for more on Longmont Real Estate! Next, read my blogs Be a Survivor and Hacks are for Hacks!

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