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Pros of Buying a New Build Home

Proper-Tea Time Episode 3: New Build Homes Near Longmont, CO

In this episode, we’re talking about the advantages of buying new build homes! I recently had the chance to sit down with Realtor and Managing Broker with Sellstate Peak Realty, Brett Felz, to discuss. Brett not only knows the positives from a professional standpoint, but he recently moved into a new build in Frederick/Firestone, just outside of Longmont himself.

The Buyer Triangle

The first thing to think about for any buyer when looking for homes for sale is the Buyer Triangle.

The Buyer Triangle focuses your wants and needs so that you can settle on the key factors necessary for you in your new home. Sometimes a new build might not be in the exact location that you’ve been dreaming of, but if the amenities are outstanding and the price is on the mark (and you’re gaining equity before you’ve even moved in!), that location may be well worth it. You’re not likely to ace all three of these, so prioritizing this way saves buyers of any type a ton of time!

What is a new build home?

Now, before I get into the benefits of new builds: What is a new build home? A new build is a newly constructed home. When you buy a new construction home, you’ll be the first-ever occupant. This baby is brand new!

Pros of Buying a New Build House:

  • Building a community

Starting off in a new build community means that everyone is on the same page. All of your neighbors have arrived within the same phase that you have, and you get to learn and grow together. It’s not only great for bonding with your community, but you’ll be on the ground floor of establishing how that community will run.

  • Brand spanking new!

Did we mention this home is brand new? All of the major appliances, mechanicals, big ticket items and features are straight out of the box. Now, this doesn’t mean that nothing can break, but the chances are a lot slimmer than with a previously-owned home.

  • Customization:

Without having to make that list of things to fix, you can focus on customization. Put in a nice deck or patio, get those heated bathroom floors, fancy up the place with some crown molding and built-ins or splurge on a landscape artist. Make that house yours!

  • Maintenance:

You’re also going to be saving on basic maintenance for a lot of years. Put that money away for a nice vacation or the kids’ college fund!

  • Save on utilities

Newly built homes are more energy-efficient, which means you save on your energy bills. The quality of windows, door seals and insulation has improved drastically over the years. This makes it easier to heat and cool your home, thus saving you moolah.

  • No need for a bidding war

With new construction, you aren’t in competition to outbid another buyer. The pressure, especially in this market, to overbid or waive contingencies is off the table. You may be waiting longer to move into your new house, but you won’t have to engage in a nerve-wracking and expensive bidding war!

  • Amenities

New communities are designed with residents in mind. This means that they typically come with a ton of amenities that you’re not going to get with a home in a patchwork neighborhood. You’ll probably get access to a modern park, a pool and clubhouse, and new schools that are right down the street, just to name a few.

  • Built in appreciation

Whether you buy new or previously owned, a home’s appreciation works at the same rate. It comes down to two factors:

  1. Local supply and demand

  2. Interest rates

However, when you get into a new construction development early, your property will appreciate when each new phase of homes is built. This means that before you’ve even moved in, your home will have appreciated, giving you more equity. This appreciation is built-in as long as they are still selling newer homes within your development for a higher price each time.

  • 4th Quarter “Discount”

In the 4th quarter of the year, developers are looking to get as much of their inventory off their books as they can. For the buyer, this means they’re willing to let new builds go at a better price. And if you’ve got a great Realtor (like me!), you can take advantage of that discounted price to get into a beautiful, brand-new home in the New Year!

Time to buy!

Now that you’ve decided that you’d like to look for new build homes for sale in Longmont, CO, it’s time to give me, Sarah Morrow, a call! I can help you find the right community for you and your family, and I want you to consider looking a little bit east.

Frederick and Firestone new build Real Estate

Frederick and Firestone’s population is around 34,000 today, but twenty years ago, it was a quarter of that! Frederick/Firestone has been blowing up the last 7–10 years because they’ve got the space to architect savvy, modern housing developments. You’re still close to Longmont, Boulder and Denver, but you get more house for your money and all the advantages of a new build community.

If you’re ready to look at some houses for sale in Longmont, CO (or the surrounding areas, of course!) contact me today and let my tenacity move you!

Also, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for monthly episodes of Proper-Tea Time, my show on all things Longmont, CO Real Estate! For more information on new builds or the current market, please read my real estate blog on Perks of Homeownership and Your Home’s Value

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