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Make Me Your Hunting Buddy!

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Early April reminds me of my nana, NanaBev. She had an extensive hat collection and she made it a point to always have a great one on when attending Bluegrass festivals and Easter Sunday services. I was fortunate to be the beneficiary of the bulk of her collection when she passed, and you best believe I plan to attend church wearing a NanaBev Easter hat as soon as I can!

NanaBev used to encourage me to hunt, seek out and find. She was an explorer and we come from a long line of hunters. I make this point because of the times that we’re in. We’re all seeking and hunting. We’re trying to find money, property and security. We’re starving for inventory in our current market. We’re seeing offers at $50K, $70K, $100K over asking and we’re looking for both logic behind and relief from this madness!

Now, as a buyer running around town like a headless chicken, you’ve been on an advanced egg hunt. As a seller, you’re thinking, well I’d love to make top dollar for this golden egg of a house I have, but where would I move!? There’s nothing to buy!

Regardless of whether you’re the chicken or the egg, isn’t having a surplus of $100,000 worth the trouble? Wouldn’t proceeds like that make your offer, when you buy, that much stronger? Would $100,000 in fast equity make a difference in how you would buy? Would you choose to rent short-term, crash with a friend or live in a hotel for a couple months if it meant a $100,000 paycheck? I would!

We have to be willing to face the morning fog and get a little uncomfortable but a lot more knowledgeable. Considering selling? Be Bugs Bunny; cunning, confident and savvy enough to thrive--well, at least always survive. You’ll need to change hats when you play the other side as the foolish Fudd buyer, but he really keeps his eyes on the prize: equity!

Unlike the Looney Tunes hunting arrangement where Fudd finds his reward but reaps no bennies (or bunnies), the current “seller’s market” is actually mutually beneficial. The only thing that’s hindering your reward is finding that next home, but once we find it- $25K in instant equity! Sellers are making bank, but buyers are making more just for buying in the first place. Even foolish hunters are being handsomely rewarded.

If equity is a priority, but you’re having a tough time adjusting to the many hats you need to wear in your hunt for it, make me your hunting buddy! My expertise (with hats, hunting and Realty!) translates to your success. Let my tenacity move you!

If you are looking to buy or sell houses in Longmont, CO, I’m the Longmont Realtor for you. Contact me, Sarah Morrow, today!

And for more on everything Longmont homes, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel where you can find Episodes of Proper-Tea Time like, Pulling a Building Permit in Longmont (get credit for your hard work!), and more on Longmont Real Estate.

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