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Be a Survivor!

Survival seems to be the latest theme in my world—but let's be honest, “survival mode” isn't really sustainable and we Real Estate professionals simply must avoid it and play the long game.

Growing up with teachers for parents made the transition from summer into fall always feel a little like “survival mode” and a second New Year's Eve smushed together. With new seasons come market shifts and new intentions, and what’s not exciting about that? But the trick is not to inadvertently slip into a survival-mode reaction.

Speaking of teachers, intentions and survival reminds me of my high school homeroom and physics teacher, Bob Crowley, or “Survivor Bob,” as you may know him. He retired from teaching and went on to become the oldest person ever to win the television show Survivor at age 57. It's been a decade since that happened, but Bob is still known for outlasting his alliance, winning numerous challenges and for the subtle, yet fatherly, gameplay that led him to victory.

Bob is not only a true survivor and a quintessential renaissance man, but he was my first entrepreneurial role model. He would constantly tell stories in class about being the first mate on a research boat for the Smithsonian, being an entomologist for the USDA, a skunk relocator, an archaeologist, a lobsterman, a forester, a professional hunter, a physicist, a Boy Scout, a Real Estate investor, an off-grid sustainability enthusiast, the president of the Teacher’s Union and thankfully, he was also a close friend of my dad—so he was a father figure and a mentor to me in some pretty formative years.

Bob has since become a best-selling author and continues to tinker but at a celebrity, multi-millionaire level. He not only taught me about strategy, critical thinking and creativity but also about being resourceful and believing in myself.

When I get into “survival mode” I tend to have tunnel vision, and both my life and my business become very status quo, uncreative and judgy. While visiting Maine last month, where I'm from, I had the privilege and pleasure of visiting Survivor Bob's Maine Forest Yurts, a short-term rental business. Once I gave up my, “Who would drive to middle-of-nowhere Maine to sleep in a yurt in the winter?” attitude, I realized Bob, of course, had built a sanctuary of nature, coziness, adventure, networking, mushrooms, bees and life. And of course, in the process, he's established a magical, cash-flowing, green empire from a run-down old farm that most of our Mainer eyes weren't even open enough to notice.

Bob’s versatility and presence of mind were a great reminder for me to keep my eyes open, to give up judgment and to stay positive. He reminded me that seeking opportunity, developing an abundance mindset and nurturing that creative and entrepreneurial spirit brings on much better travel experiences, and experiences in general, than sticking to my comfy routines and my boring middle-class habits. Most importantly, Bob reminded me that “survival mode” and a survivor mindset are two different things. Bob’s mindset is to find every way to survive and thrive in every market and intention shift, not to shut down and simply “survive.”

Let’s all take some inspiration from Survivor Bob, and instead of simply surviving these market shifts, let’s find creative ways to prosper during them!

Let my tenacity move you!

If you’re looking to pick up some Longmont, CO real estate this fall season, I’m the Real Estate agent for you! Contact me, Sarah Morrow, about homes for sale in Longmont, CO.

And for more on all things Longmont homes, subscribe to my YouTube channel to find episodes of Proper-Tea Time or read further with these blogs: We’re Not in a Bubble and Why Longmont?

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